Key Points When Selecting A Secure Storage Facility

Furthermore, you can protect your wealth from third-party or Government intrusion through keeping your bullion, stocks and bond certificates stashed safely away from your home.

Since your goal is to keep your valuables safe from every major threat, it’s important to pick the right service provider that can give you peace of mind 24/7/365.

Let’s go over the Key Points Selecting a Secure Storage Facility.

Access Security

A truly secure storage facility will have multiple layers of security before anyone can access a safe deposit box. These would include a combination of Biometrics, Physical and a Staff members oversight to prevent unauthorised access which ensures that the items tucked away in the facility are extremely secure. Having a Mantrap ensures limited access to specific areas of the business, if possible, a facility with 2 mantraps ensures the security even more.

You must pick a facility where you are the only key holder which has access to your Safety Deposit Box (SDB). Also, make sure that the facility does not keep a copy of the key that matches your safe deposit box. These entry procedures have been designed to maximise the protection of you, your valuables and irreplaceable documents. Private vaulting facilities offer all these options.


In many cases, you will be responsible for insuring the contents of your safe deposit box. Please note Bank SDB do not offer this service. Private facilities on the other hand, can provide insurance for all safe deposit boxes. They will typically provide complimentary insurance up to $20,000. Additional insurance can be obtained through underwriters.


It’s also important to consider the geographic location of your safe deposit box facility that you are going to choose. It should be accessible yet secure from the risk of Fire and flooding caused by cyclones and tidal surges.

Security Rating

The main point of renting a safe deposit box is to have a secure space for peace of mind for your precious valuables. Therefore, the facility you choose must have the highest possible security rating to ensure your treasured possessions are always safe from harm.

The best private custodial vaulting facilities are the ones that are fitted with the very latest and greatest security measures. All materials and mechanisms used in the construction of a private vault should always be installed by experts and should be guaranteed to be UL rated. Specially reinforced walls and ceilings of the vault and building should also be monitored by seismic, vibration and 360-degree motion sensors. 24/7/365 security camera class 1 monitoring should be featured as standard, allowing all-round protection of your cherished items.

Superior protection for your valuables

A first class private vaulting facility should provide you with a secure storage facility that ticks all the boxes and has all the Key Points When Selecting a Secure Storage Facility featured in this checklist. Class 1 monitored facilities offer unparalleled security day-in-and-day-out so you can rest assured that your valuables are safe from all forms of threats.

A premium private vaulting company will possess all the Key Points When Selecting a Secure Storage Facility plus access security, insurance, a secure location, a high-security rating, and flexible operating hours.

Are you ready to secure your valuable assets in a world-class facility? Elect to store them in a trusted private vaulting facility and ensure that your goods are protected from natural disasters and government policy.

How To Manage Your Cash Flow

Effective management of your funds can help you build wealth over time and save you from financial pits.Cash flow is the movement of cash and its equivalent, in and out of a business, or for an individual, over a period of time. The idea of personal cash flow management is to majorly channel the movement of your cash in such a way that it will bring more profit to you.

The following are the basic steps to effectively manage personal cash flow:

1. Personal cash flow evaluation

A personal cash flow evaluation will help you make intentional and realistic decisions on how to channel your cash, list your sources of income in detail (cash inflow), and how your money is dispensed (cash outflow).

The difference between your inflow and outflow is your net cash flow. The outcome of the difference will either be a positive or negative net cash flow. A positive net cash flow signifies that you have been prudent in handling your cash while a negative net cash flow signifies unhealthy management of funds.

2. Effective budgeting

A well-managed budget is the first step to having effective personal cash flow. To create an effective budget, calculate your total income, list out all your expenses, then deduct your expenses from your total income. Also, set aside a certain amount to invest.

There are different types of expenses. The two major ones are fixed expenses and variable expenses. Fixed expenses are majorly payments you must cater to such as rent. Fixed expenses are predictable; this means that there are particular times when such payments are made.

The second type of expense is the variable expense which can also be referred to as a discretionary expense. Variable expense is not as predictable as a fixed cost. Variable expenses are costs that change frequently, depending on quantity or usage; groceries, gasoline, food are examples of variable expenses.

3. Savings and investments

Savings is the amount you put aside for future use, which necessarily doesn’t yield interest over time, or rather yields a low interest. However, investing means to set aside a particular amount (capital), or its equivalent, in expectation of a particular benefit (interest) in the future.

Your monthly budget should include a certain percentage of investments. You can as well make use of an online savings platform to automate your savings and/or investments.

4. Practice frugal living

Frugal living is not equal to being cheap, rather it helps you to channel your expenses on the most important things. While being prudent with your cash, you can still buy quality needed items. Your cash flow management will tell how financially free you would be in the long run.

How you handle your cash flow will, to a large extent, tell how financially free you would be in the long run. At OVERWOOD, we are primarily committed to helping you achieve financial freedom, by investing your funds in safe, high-yield instruments.