The Basics Of Hexylene Glycol

The Basics of Hexylene Glycol


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Hexylene glycol (also known as HGL, 2-methyl pentane-2,4-diol, pinakon and Diolane) is a clear, colourless liquid with a characteristic odor. It is fully miscible in water and has the chemical formula C6H14O2. Hexylene glycol is a compound that appears in a large number of products that are used commercially and industrially. Production, Storage and Distribution Hexylene glycol is formed from the achiral reagents hydrogen and diacetone alcohol. It is stored in bulk storage or stainless steel drums and is transported by tank truck. It is classed as non-hazardous for air, sea, and road freight but is classed as an irritant. It has a specific gravity of 0.925 and a flash point of 93 C (closed cup). This implies it is not very flammable, so special precautions are not required when handling this chemical as it relates to flammability. While it is not flammable, hexylene glycol is considered an irritant and can cause damage to the body if exposure is not limited. Moreover, exposure to the eyes and skin can cause irritation, but absorption through the skin has shown to be non-toxic. This means it will be uncomfortable, but not very harmful. If swallowed, this chemical is slightly toxic, so consult a doctor immediately if oral ingestion takes place. Lastly, repeated and prolonged exposure can cause damage to the central nervous system (CNS), so take care to not exposure yourself on a regular basis to this chemical without protective gear. Uses The single largest user of hexylene glycol is the industrial coatings industry which uses approximately 45% of the HGL produced world-wide. It is a component in lacquers and varnishes, and is a solvent plasticiser in surface coatings. It is also a component in both oil and water- based paints, and in paint strippers. Hexylene glycol is also used as a chemical intermediate, which accounts for approximately 20% of its consumption, and another 10% is used on oil and natural-gas fields, where it is both a down hole lubricant, and a grinding and extraction aid. It is also employed as an antifreeze, as well as a coupling agent for hydraulic fluids. It is a moisturising and setting agent in the manufacturing of textiles and can also be found in the cosmetics industry, where it is a component of fragrances. Moreover, it is used in bath, hair, and soap preparations. It also has a role as a wetting agent in pesticide formulations and is a solvent in the preparation of dyes.

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Hexylene Glycol

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The Basics of Hexylene Glycol

Wikinews interviews Jim Hedges, U.S. Prohibition Party presidential candidate

Saturday, January 29, 2011

U.S. Prohibition Party presidential candidate Jim Hedges of Thompson Township, Pennsylvania took some time to answer a few questions about the Prohibition Party and his 2012 presidential campaign.

The Prohibition Party is the third oldest existing political party in the United States, having been established in 1869. It reached its height of popularity during the late 19th century. The party heavily supported the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which banned the sale of alcohol, and resulted in the US period known as Prohibition (1919–33). It was repealed in 1933. The party has declined since this period, but has continued to nominate candidates for the presidential election.

In 2003, the party split into two factions. Preacher Gene Amondson and perennial candidate Earl Dodge were nominated for the presidency by their respective factions. After Dodge’s death in 2007, the party reunified and named Amondson as its sole presidential nominee for 2008. During the election, Amondson was interviewed by Wikinews. He died in 2009, leaving an opening in the party for 2012.

Jim Hedges is a longtime Prohibition activist, who holds the distinction of the first individual of the 21st century (and the first since 1959) to be elected to a political office under the Prohibition Party banner. In 2001, he was elected as the Thompson Township tax assessor, and was re-elected to the post in 2005. He served until his term expired in 2010. Hedges declared his intent to run for the Prohibition Party presidential nomination on February 18, 2010. This marks his first run for the presidency.

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Wikinews interviews Steve Burke, U.S. Democratic Party presidential candidate

Sunday, December 13, 2015

This article is a featured article. It is considered one of the best works of the Wikinews community. See Wikinews:Featured articles for more information.

Macomb, New York Councilman Steve Burke took some time to speak with Wikinews about his campaign for the U.S. Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Burke, an insurance adjuster and farmer, was elected councilman in Brookhaven, New York in 1979. He left the town after being accused and found not guilty of bribery in the 1980s. Since 1987 he has served as Macomb councilman off-and-on and currently holds the post. From 1993 to 1996 and 1999 to 2002 he worked as chairman of the Democratic Party of St. Lawrence County, New York. Among his many political campaigns, Burke unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 1992 and recently attempted to run for U.S. Congress in 2014 but too many of his ballot petition signatures were found invalid. Burke filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for president in the 2016 election on September 18, 2015 and has qualified for the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire Primary.

With Wikinews reporter William S. Saturn?, Burke discusses his political background, his 2016 presidential campaign, and his policy proposals.

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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students/International

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.

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Singapore Hr Software / Hr System

By Ramya Dilip

HR Software / HR System is a primary tool for the HR managers to manage the employees payroll & benefits efficiently. A good HR system increases the productivity & accuracy of the calculation and employees can manage their own details efficiently by self servicing portal. In typical a HR system should comprise of the features as below.

Biometric System:

Employees may misuse the time capturing system or can give excuses of forgot to bring the employee card or loss of card in traditional punch card machine / proximity card system. In biometric system employee finger is their employee card, biometric system captures the employees start & end work timing accurately.

Time Attendance Software:

Time attendance software captures the data from biometric system and calculates the lateness, early leaving & overtime based on the shift pattern & rule setup.

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Payroll Software:

Employees may get salary by monthly fixed amount or daily rate or hourly rate. Payroll software calculates the employees salary based on their payroll setting & attendance details captured from time attendance software. Payroll software generates the pay slip which can be given to the employees by sealed pay slip paper or can be sent via e-mail.

HR System Functions

HR system helps administrators on tracking employee information, training records, performance appraisals, assets assigned to employees, staff accident & insurance records, etc

Human Resource Training Module

The training module manages information relevant to employees training history, training course availability and training cost. It can also keep track of your organizations financial investment in training. HR also defines the skills associated with completion of course and able to save attachment of transcripts or scanned documents. HR training report shows course information such as course code, date taken the course, cost and start and end date for the training course, institution organized the courses, course name, cost for the course, durations, result attained and remarks.

Human Resource Appraisal Module

The appraisal module manages information pertaining to employees performance appraisals. It allows HR to define setup by each job grade with point systems. This report shows name of person doing the appraisal, appraisal date, next appraisal date, user defined appraisal criteria and remarks.

Human Resource Insurance Module

The insurance module allows HR to define the various hospitalization and medical scheme and enable employees to select the right coverage and to keep the necessary dependent information up to date. Insurance reports shows insurance code, description, plan, start & end date, duration, insurance amount, amount premium paid, details and remarks.

Human Resource Accident Module

Accident records module is used to store employee accident details such as vehicle, accident, fire outbreak, etc. The purpose of the following features is to allow user to enter employee accidents details for investigation and reference purpose. This report shows accident detail, date, time, cost involved, insurance claim amount, reason & remarks.

Human Resource Asset Module

The company asset module is used to store inventory items issued to employee such as Security Pass, Uniform, handbook, Pen, notebook etc. The purpose of the following features is to allow User to enter records of company issued items to employee as well as to allow user to de-kit at the end of their employment if required. Assest report shows information such as description of asset, serial number, issued date & returned date, quantity, cost & remarks.

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‘Homer Simpson’ contributes to U.S. presidential candidate Buddy Roemer

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Huffington Post reported Friday that U.S. presidential candidate Buddy Roemer received a $25 campaign donation from an individual listed as ‘Homer Simpson’; the same name as the main character of the long running animated television series The Simpsons. Along with the name, the donor also shares the cartoon character’s place of residence and employment. He claims to live at 742 Evergreen Terrace, and to work as Safety Inspector at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

The Huff Post discovered the July 31 donation while analyzing Roemer’s Federal Election Commission records. After being notified, Roemer’s campaign manager, Carlos Sierra, responded “Oh my God. That is too funny”. He added that the campaign uses “one of the best accountants in the business,” and that he would personally find out who actually made the donation. Sierra noted that “we do not accept anonymous donations”.

Roemer, who previously served as a member of the House of Representatives (1981–1988) and Governor of Louisiana (1988–1992), has been running for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination since earlier this year. However, he has failed to receive invitations to any presidential debates.

Roemer, who recently expressed his support for the Occupy Wall Street protests, has focused his campaign on finance reform, and has limited individual contributions to $100. In the third quarter of 2011, he raised $138,000.

Wikinews contacted Carlos Sierra yesterday for an update on the matter. He explained, “I reached out to the individual and he was very apologetic. I have the correct information now and will turn it over to our compliance officer.”

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Sexy Nursing Dresses

By Amy Jarman

After giving birth, it is important to find clothing that is comfortable, stylish, and designed with great nursing access. Since the months following the birth of one’s child can be a bit hectic, finding clothing that provides this easy nursing access is imperative. Nursing dresses are the perfect answer for this, as they instantly create an outfit, are stylish, and provide excellent comfort. There are many nursing dress options available, so no matter one’s personal style there is sure to be something.

One trend this season that will definitely be popular this coming year as well is the maxi dress, as it exudes style and comfort. Nursing maxi dresses are a great choice as they are easy and hassle-free to wear while still super stylish. One beautiful option is Japanese Weekend’s Tribal Print Maxi Dress. Designed for both maternity and nursing, it is incredibly stylish and comfortable. The V-neck elongates one’s body, creating a slimming look. The empire waist emphasizes the smallest part of one’s body directly underneath the bust which is very flattering. Red, yellow, green, and navy comprise the tribal print that is so popular this season. As practical as it is cute, easy and discreet nursing access is provided by the double neckline, ensuring that ultimate comfort is achieved. Pair it with strappy sandals and a cute matching cardigan for an easy-to-wear look. For a more casual option, Maternity/Nursing Dress by 1 in the Oven is a must. Made of a soft gauze fabric it can be worn throughout one’s pregnancy and has a four button closure for easy nursing access. The buttons at the bust add a lovely feminine detail while the definition at the empire waist is very flattering. Pair it with flip flops and beaded bracelets for a beachy look, or throw on some gladiator flats to dress it up a bit. Comfy and fashionable, nursing maxi dresses are sure to be a hit.

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Wrap and cross front dresses are very flattering dress designs that many women love, and there are several beautiful nursing dresses made in these style. One gorgeous option is the D&A Cross Front Maternity/Nursing Dress from Japanese Weekend. Available in blue, red, or black, it has a classic and elegant design. Clean and sleek, the cross front style accentuates the smallest part of one’s body while providing easy and discreet nursing access. The V-neck frames one’s face beautifully, while the length sleeves are stylish and perfect for the cooler weather. Made of polyester, rayon, and spandex, the soft fabric feels great against one’s body. Paired with flats and stud earrings, it is the perfect workplace dress, yet can easily be dressed up for an evening out with a great pair of heels and chandelier earrings. Another great nursing dress choice which features the wrap style is Faux Wrap Nursing Dress by Maternal America. This flirty dress, in a bright pink or classic black, features a wrap style with draping and fluttering fabric. The faux wrap falls beautifully over one’s baby bump or post-partum belly in a flattering manner. Cap sleeves are stylish and the cami-like insert creates easy and discreet nursing access. Pair it with fun sandals for a casual look or boots, tights, and a longer cardigan for the cooler months. Flattering and functional, wrap and cross front nursing dresses are the perfect addition to one’s wardrobe.

No matter one’s personal style, the variety of nursing dresses available ensures that one will find something stylish and comfortable. They are easy to wear, making one’s mornings go smoothly. From the beach to the office to an evening out, their versatility makes them a financially smart addition to one’s wardrobe.

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nursing dresses

by Maternal America,Japanese Weekend, 1 in the Oven, BelaBumBum & Majamas.


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Two die in two-car crash near Connel, Scotland

Friday, August 2, 2013

A man and a woman have been killed in a road traffic accident near Connel in the west of Scotland. Seven people, including three children, were also injured in the head-on collision on the A85 road in Argyll at approximately 1830 BST (1730 UTC) yesterday.

A 74-year-old female passenger of a blue Honda CRV and a 32-year-old male passenger of a blue Vauxhall Vectra died at the scene of the crash. The Vauxhall driver, a 32-year-old woman, was transported by helicopter to Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, where she is reportedly in a critical albeit stable condition.

Three child passengers in the Vauxhall, aged fourteen, five and two, were taken to Oban Hospital and given treatment for minor injuries, as were the Honda’s 51-year-old female driver and two female passengers aged 49 and 46.

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said hydraulic cutting equipment was used during rescue efforts. “Ambulance personnel and police officers worked closely with our team throughout the incident but sadly one passenger from each car lost their life”, the spokesperson continued. “The thoughts of all emergency responders who were at the scene will be with the casualties and their loved ones as they attempt to come to terms with what has happened.”

Police have appealed for potential witnesses to contact them.

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Cocaine found in frozen mango puree shipped to Montréal, Canada

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced Tuesday that they had seized approximately 160 kilograms of cocaine discovered in buckets of frozen mango puree imported from Mexico.

Investigations led the police to a shipping container destined for the Port of Montréal, in the Canadian province of Québec. A CBSA officer at the Container Examination Centre in Montréal identified the suspect container. The drug was found in brick-shaped plastic wrapping of about 4 kilograms in weight each. There were 1,200 buckets of frozen mango puree in the shipment, not all with cocaine inside.

RCMP Sgt. André Potvin told reporters that the value of the shipment was significant and was the largest maritime port drug haul in the force’s history. At CA$20 per half-gram, “that’s in the vicinity of $38 million,” said Potvin.

The investigation by the RCMP Drug Section, CBSA Intelligence officers, the Marine Security Enforcement Team and the Port of Montréal Security Group, determined that an import company, named Quality Mexport, was allegedly a front for the drug-smuggling operation.

Five Mexicans, holding visitor status in Canada, were arrested in the matter. They are:

  • Juan Manuel Huerta Canela, 31;
  • Jose Gerardo Bernal Vasquez, 52;
  • Jose Luis Navarro Ochoa, 33;
  • Jesus Manuel Villa Quiroz, 32; and
  • Alfonso Strag Estrada, age 50.

The suspects have been charged with importing and possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking. The charges are allegations at this point in time.

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Basketball Betting Odds, Step To Win

For many years now basketball has always been a sport of fun. Regardless of whatever age, it is being loved by many groups of people. It is considered as one of the most popular sport in America and to many other countries. Basketball is a game where players try to throw a round inflated ball through a raised basket like goal. It is played on a court by two teams of five players each team. Nowadays, basketball has changed a lot, it is not only a form of fun and good sport but aside from the entertainment it brings, it has also become a source of income for many. Sounds good right? Read this article and learn how basketball could be a source of money.

A lot of people have taken up the basketball betting as their prime profession. They make money from this game. They place their bets. Study the game and win. But before any gambler gambles it is very important to think wisely so that he does not get to taste the loss.

A good bettor must always know how to look into the basketball betting odds prior placing any bets. Why? So he/ she can know exactly how much possibility is there for him/her to win. It is always necessary to study the team which you considered as your favorite. You should go through all the past records of every individual player. Also, you have to know the performance of the team in general. See the work of the team against every basketball team. How games the team has win and lose? Check their past records. Know what are the cause of failure of the team in a game and also check how motivated each player of the team to win the game?

Knowing the basketball betting odds is not that difficult as compared to the other sports like rugby, football, cricket and hockey. Basketball teams have very few players and therefore, the homework is also very less.

All the characteristics should be studies very properly while deciding your bet on any team. The NBA odds of any team give you a brief idea of your chances of earning. The internet has made it very easy for all the bettors to get info on the odds of every team. A lot of websites and magazines provide the past records of all the teams. This helps to gain a lot of knowledge and information on the teams. The true pros and cons of every team come in the limelight.

Betting on sports is fun and exciting, but it’s always much more fun if you’re winning consistently. Therefore, acting wisely, being smart and gaining information on the basketball betting odds can be a step for you to earn a lot of money.