New pre-Iraq war memo leaked

Friday, February 3, 2006

British television station Channel 4 News and newspaper The Guardian have reported that they have obtained a secret transcript of a meeting between United States President George W. Bush and British prime minister Tony Blair on January 31, 2003, two months before the beginning of the Iraq war. The memo has been viewed by Phillipe Sands, a professor of international law at University College London, and by Channel 4 news. Last year, Professor Sands reported on doubts about the legality of the invasion in Iraq voiced by government lawyers, which eventually forced the British government to publish the full legal advice given to them by the attorney general.

According to the two sources, the transcript suggests that the invasion of Iraq was already decided at the point of the meeting, and that Bush had stated that “the diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning”. Blair is reportedly quoted as responding that he is “solidly with the president and ready to do whatever it took to disarm Saddam”.

The memo from the sources also states that Bush suggested “flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft planes with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in UN colours”, so that “if Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach [of UN resolutions]”.

According to the memo, President Bush said he “thought it unlikely that there would be internecine warfare between the different religious and ethnic groups”.

The British government did not deny the existence of the memo last night, but insisted that “the prime minister only committed UK forces to Iraq after securing the approval of the House of Commons in a vote on March 18, 2003.” It added that they “do not comment on the prime minister’s conversations with other leaders.”

The BBC reported that Chief spokesman for the National Security Council Frederick Jones said that “the White House would not comment on what was said or not said in alleged private conversations between Mr Bush and foreign leaders,” and added that the White House “was not going to re-litigate how the nation went to war”.

The purported document has not been confirmed as authentic by either government so far.

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Sweden’s Crown Princess marries long-time boyfriend

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweden’s first royal wedding since 1976 took place Saturday when Crown Princess Victoria, 32, married her long-time boyfriend and former personal trainer, Daniel Westling, 36. The ceremony took place at Stockholm Cathedral.

Over 1,200 guests, including many rulers, politicians, royals and other dignitaries from across the world, attended the wedding, which cost an estimated 20 million Swedish kronor. Victoria wore a wedding dress with five-metre long train designed by Pär Engsheden. She wore the same crown that her mother, Queen Silvia, wore on her wedding day 34 years previously, also on June 19. Victoria’s father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, walked Victoria down the aisle, which was deemed untraditional by many. In Sweden, the bride and groom usually walk down the aisle together, emphasising the country’s views on equality. Victoria met with Daniel half-way to the altar, where they exchanged brief kisses, and, to the sounds of the wedding march, made their way to the the silver altar. She was followed by ten bridesmaids. The couple both had tears in their eyes as they said their vows, and apart from fumbling when they exchanged rings, the ceremony went smoothly.

Following the ceremony, the couple headed a fast-paced procession through central Stockholm on a horse-drawn carriage, flanked by police and security. Up to 500,000 people are thought to have lined the streets. They then boarded the Vasaorden, the same royal barge Victoria’s parents used in their wedding, and traveled through Stockholm’s waters, accompanied by flyover of 18 fighter jets near the end of the procession. A wedding banquet followed in the in the Hall of State of the Royal Palace.

Controversy has surrounded the engagement and wedding between the Crown Princess and Westling, a “commoner”. Victoria met Westling as she was recovering from bulemia in 2002. He owned a chain of gymnasiums and was brought in to help bring Victoria back to full health. Westling was raised in a middle-class family in Ockelbo, in central Sweden. His father managed a social services centre, and his mother worked in a post office. When the relationship was made public, Westling was mocked as an outsider and the king was reportedly horrified at the thought of his daughter marrying a “commoner”, even though he did so when he married Silvia. Last year, Westling underwent transplant surgery for a congenital kidney disorder. The Swedish public have been assured that he will be able to have children and that his illness will not be passed on to his offspring.

Westling underwent years of training to prepare for his new role in the royal family, including lessons in etiquette, elocution, and multi-lingual small talk; and a makeover that saw his hair being cropped short, and his plain-looking glasses and clothes being replaced by designer-wear.

Upon marrying the Crown Princess, Westling took his wife’s ducal title and is granted the style “His Royal Highness”. He is now known as HRH Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland. He also has his own coat-of-arms and monogram. When Victoria assumes the throne and becomes Queen, Daniel will not become King, but assume a supportive role, similar to that of Prince Phillip, the husband of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II.

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Functionality Of A Rubbermaid Closet Organizer

Functionality of a Rubbermaid Closet Organizer


Jesse Whitehead

If you have a closet that is unorganized, cluttered, or downright messy, you need some help. Fortunately, there is a solution that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, namely the Rubbermaid Closet Organizer. Rubbermaid closet organizers are a great way to get your closet looking the way it should. With a closet organization system made by Rubbermaid you can take all of that extra junk laying around and get your closet looking nice and tidy in almost no time.

In addition to how Rubbermaid makes organizing your closet a breeze, this article provides a few more reasons that you should look into getting a Rubbermaid closet organizer.

1. They are inexpensive

Unlike some other types of closet organizers such as solid wood, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, a Rubbermaid closet organizer won’t break your budget. Prices range from just a few dollars for individual components to a couple of hundred dollars or so for complete systems.

YouTube Preview Image

2. They look very nice

Rubbermaid closet organizers look very neat and compact. Most of them utilize containers that can stack on top of each other and make good use of your available space. If you are sick of having a closet that looks like a total disaster, then an organization system from Rubbermaid will go far in your quest to straighten you closet.

3. They make everything easy to find

The containers are easy to label. You can group these containers according to their contents and label them accordingly. Once you have properly labeled your containers, you will be able to find any item in your closet very quickly and easily. Most likely, this will be a big improvement from having to pull out every item from the closet just to find the one thing you need.

4. They are easy to use

Rubbermaid closet organizers are extremely simple to use. All that you need to do is open up the container and put your items inside of it. You might want to take your time and methodically place everything neatly inside the container. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, or you are not that obsessed about being neat and tidy, you can just throw your items into the container without too much thought. Either way you will still get a lot of stuff in there.

5. They are compact

Once you have everything put away, you can stack the containers on top of each other. Not only will they look great, they will take up a lot less room than when your clothes and other items are strewn haphazardly throughout your space. Just having all of your things off the floor and in the Rubbermaid containers help keep things looking nice and neat.

In conclusion, if you are tired of your messy closet, and you want to clean it up, you won’t go wrong by using closet storage containers made by Rubbermaid. With this type of system, you will save time and avoid the frustration of having to search through the clutter to find that one item that you need.

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Rubbermaid Closet Organizers

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Report urges Kenya to ban plastic bags

Wednesday, March 9, 2005File:Plastic bag stock sized.jpg

They are cheap, useful, and very plentiful, and that is exactly the problem, according to researchers. A report issued on Feb. 23 by a cadre of environment and economics researchers suggested that Kenya should ban the common plastic bag that one gets at the checkout counter of grocery stores, and place a levy on other plastic bags, all to combat the country’s environmental problems stemming from the bags’ popularity.

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Teachers at Australian school shocked at no warning over redundancies, can apply before ‘externals’

This article’s primary contributor, Patrick Gillett, is an alumnus of Sunshine Coast Grammar School.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A deal between Sunshine Coast Grammar School headmaster Nigel Fairbairn and the Independent Education Union of Australia has ended a week of uncertainty for 22 of the Queensland, Australia school’s staff.

Last week Wikinews obtained a list of 22 middle management teaching staff allegedly made redundant, or laid off due to restructuring. The restructuring is, apparently, designed to get teachers back into the classroom.

During the week, staff, students, alumni and parents had accused the headmaster of being dishonest and not “tak[ing] a single question” on the issue.

“At 10am there were 21 teachers with big question marks over their employment but by 1pm they had the assurance they would be able to apply for new positions before external applicants,” union secretary Terry Burke said. “Mr Fairbairn said it was clearly the school’s preference to continue the employment of existing staff. It is our view the existing staff are more than capable of taking on the new positions.”

Sunshine Coast Grammar is a private Christian school approximately 95 km (60 miles) north of the state capital, Brisbane.

Teachers at Sunshine Coast Grammar school have told the Sunshine Coast Daily that they received no warning of any pending redundancies. Independent Education Union of Australia representative and school careers counselor Maria Campanini said “teacher morale is very low and people are very disappointed and disillusioned”.

Ms Campanini said that staff were saddened by the handling of the situation by headmaster Nigel Fairbairn. “We got an email announcing a meeting and I thought it would just provide some feedback about the review,” Ms Campanini said. “But the 21 teachers whose jobs were directly affected were herded into a room, Mr Fairbairn read out a prepared statement, turned on his heel and left. He didn’t take a single question. We were just left sitting there in shock.”

An anonymous staff member told the Sunshine Coast Daily that, “Some teachers, who rely on the income and whose positions were abolished, were very distraught and they had to go to class. It appears we’re not valued in the school community, not to be even asked our opinion as to what might be the best outcome, to try and make it work.”

According to Ms Campanini, one of the teachers being made redundant is 30 weeks pregnant with another returning to work after maternity leave. “It’s really stressful for all the people involved,” Ms Campanini said. “People can understand the need for restructure when it’s explained, but we’re none the wiser.”

“When it all happened on Friday, it was morning tea time and a lot of us had to go back in the classroom and teach all afternoon,” the anonymous staff member said.

Parents have accused Fairbairn of constantly changing his version of events, with one telling the Sunshine Coast Daily that, “The school board does not have independent parents on the board, which makes no sense at all. From what I have gathered, Mr Fairbairn is not interested in having parents involved in the decision-making processes.”

Mr Fairbairn is trying to go into damage control and his story keeps changing. He’s told parents this restructure was not financially motivated but has told teachers the complete opposite thing. This is it. The gloves are off.

“Mr Fairbairn is trying to go into damage control and his story keeps changing,” said Julie Hopkins, another Grammar parent. “He’s told parents this restructure was not financially motivated but has told teachers the complete opposite thing. This is it. The gloves are off.”

Wikinews obtained a list of middle management staff allegedly made redundant, or laid off due to restructuring, by the Queensland, Australia school. Sources say that those staff have been told that they can apply for new positions that have opened up.

The list, published on the SCGS alumni Facebook page, contains the names of twenty-two staff members. Seventeen positions are reportedly being opened up, eight of which seem to significantly overlap the old ones.

Mr. Fairbairn “replaced the open and welcoming culture … with the tyrannical and oppressive one.”

The changes are, apparently, designed to get teachers back into the classroom. “We are not cutting subject choices and extracurricular activities, but retaining a student-driven curriculum that integrates with the new Australian Curriculum, in keeping with our commitment to teaching and learning opportunities,” said headmaster Nigel Fairbairn.

Wikinews understands that Fairbairn attracted criticism when he was a head teacher in Christchurch, New Zealand, where a former student claimed that Fairbairn “replaced the open and welcoming culture … with the tyrannical and oppressive one.” Fairbairn refused to comment on the criticism.

People are angry and shocked. I am aware of at least 10 families who have said they will pull their children out of the school – it’s that bad.

Fairbairn’s statement came under attack from 2009 graduates who, in a open letter posted on Facebook, said, “It is also hugely hypocritical to attack these teachers for not spending enough time in the classroom, when from firsthand experience the only time Mr. Nigel Fairbairn was ever sighted was during assembly (which he mysteriously stopped attending), never mind in the classroom, therefore, it is honestly astounding that he could make such unjust and incorrect statements.”

They also expressed embarrassment “to be associated with the name ‘Sunshine Coast Grammar School’ while you are at the head of the great community which Grammar once was.”

Four of the affected teachers “were the backbone of the school when [controversy surrounded founding headmaster John Burgess] happened,” a former prefect (student leader) said. “They got it through that crisis and this is the thanks they get.”

“People are angry and shocked,” they continued. “I am aware of at least 10 families who have said they will pull their children out of the school – it’s that bad.”

The student body has not ruled out protesting the schools plans. “It’s getting to that stage,” the former prefect said. “People are trying to look at it in an intelligent way but there is so much anger out there.”

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Air Moldova completes airpark with a Brazilian Embraer aircraft

Monday, February 11, 2008

Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer on Friday announced it has signed a firm order with Air Moldova for one Embraer 190 jet, to be delivered in March 2010. The contract includes an option on another plane of the same model, Embraer said in a statement. The value of the deal was not disclosed.

At present, renowned companies such as Air France, Lufthansa group and Spanish Iberia Airlines own Embraer 190 jets, specified the representative of Air Moldova. The same source specified that Embraer 190 jet is one of the most economic and optimal aircrafts for operation, and it will be configured in a single-class cabin with 114 seats.

Air Moldova, which links the Moldovan capital, Chi?in?u, to cities in Europe and the Middle East, intends to use the new plane to open new markets.

The Embraer 190 is one of the four members of the E-Jets family. On December 31, the Embraer 170/190 E-Jets had logged 764 firm orders and 786 options.

Embraer is the world’s fourth-largest commercial plane maker. It finished 2007 with a firm order backlog of US$18.8 billion.

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The Modernized Aviation Industry Can Be The Generator Of Economical Opportunities

The Aviation industry is often misinterpreted as the airline industry. The airline industry forms only one part of the wider aviation industry. The Aviation industry includes everything from aircraft manufacturers, researchers, air safety specialists, businesses involved with the military, and increasingly companies that design produces, and/or make use of drones.

That is a lot! The impact of the Aviation industry is far more than just travel and tourism.

The modern Aviation industry has given rise to a globalized market. Globalization in businesses across countries and continents isn’t hard at all anymore. The demand for the Aviation industry increases by 4.2% every year. Isn’t it surprising how the demand for the aviation industry has such low possibilities to drop? The Aviation industry is the sole source to reach a global market. It also values over $2.7 trillion. A market this big can give rise to an array of opportunities across fields and sectors.

Economical Opportunities of the Aviation Industry:

The Aviation Industry alone drives $1.7 trillion in the USA economy activity and 10 million US job opportunities every year. Before getting to know how it leads to these many opportunities, let us understand how important it is globally.

The demand for the aviation industry is high because of the economical growth aspect. Aviation has not only made global trade easier but has also increased the networking ability of businesses across the globe.

The increase in demand has resulted in a drop in travel prices. This results in more flying. There are a large number of businesses that rely on the aviation industry to meet sales. As said before the aviation industry is an opportunity generator in the market.

The aviation industry fuels the engine of the majority of B2B companies. There is intense competition among B2B marketers in the USA to sell to the Aviation Industry. Thanks to data solution providers, who provide companies with the Aviation Industry email List, and marketing strategies, helping them get to the finish line faster.

How is the Aviation Industry, the Power-House of Opportunities?

Innovations and technological advancement in the industry leave them with an un-ending loop of requirements. These requirements draw manufacturers, producers, and many more businesses to provide for them. The requirements in the Aviation industry do not stop at raw materials, their growth accelerates sales of technological advancements and many more products and services in a comprehensive volume. That gives the opportunity to many Business to Business marketers in the USA.

Technological Breakthrough in 2020 which can lead to More Opportunities:

The Airport Digital Twin: Digital twin has been around since 2002, but the IoT [Internet of Things] has made it an accessible and easily implementable technology strategy now. A digital twin is a digital representation of a product, service, or setting. It was not until late 2019 that the airport digital twin was announced. The production of the airport digital twin is still in process in the US east coast airport. Kevin O’Sullivan, the lead engineer of the digital twin said, that a fully functional digital twin can help get a holistic view of past, present, and future airport operations.

AI Implementation [Artificial Intelligence]: Aviation has initiated applications of Artificial intelligence in many ways. They have recently started leveraging AI with Machine learning, computer vision, robotics, and natural language processing.

Leading airline companies are utilizing AI to enhance customer experiences and efficiency in the following way:

  • Passenger Identification
  • Bag Screening
  • Customer Support
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • And more

The AI revenue from the Aviation Industry amounts to over $89,800 million.

In-flight VR [Virtual Reality]: Many flights have already started using VR for astounding passenger experience, along with marketing and training purposes. Passengers are given the 360 view of the cabin in 4K quality through VR. This does not just end here VR is also used for training and marketing in the aviation industry.

Wrapping it up:

The innovations in the Aviation industry never seem to cease. These are just a few from the numerous. The more innovations in the Aviation Industry lead to more demands, which associate with opportunities for other businesses, job-seeking individuals, and the economy. Globally this industry is perceived to see more growth and opportunities in every aspect of the new future.

New Jersey real estate investor charged with $2 million theft

Friday, March 20, 2009

The owner of a New Jersey real estate investment firm has been charged with using $2 million of his company’s money for construction at his home and other projects not related to work.

Gary Klein, owner of the Asbury Park-based REI Group Inc., surrendered himself to police after a Monmouth County grand jury indicted him on one count of theft by deception charges.

The charges were the result of a three-year investigation into his practices. Klein, 45, of Colts Neck Township, faces up to 10 years in state prison if convicted. Klein was released Friday after posting $75,000 bail.

Klein attracted clients by telling them he would invest their money in projects that would result in returns of 12 and 85 percent. Prosecutors said the actions mirrored those of a Ponzi scheme.

Robert Weir, Klein’s attorney, said the operation was not a Ponzi scheme, but legitimate business investments that went bad as the economy declined. Weir also said Klein hired a receiver to try and return the investors’ money once the investments started to go sour.

“It’s a shame that a business that experienced a turn in the real estate market is now being treated as a criminal problem. That was not Mr. Klein’s intent,” Weir said to The Star-Ledger.

Weir said the investments were used for building rehabilitation projects in Asbury Park and the construction of Florida condominium complexes, but authorities said Klein used the money to repay earlier investors who were cashing out, as well to help build his own home.

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Cheap, safe drug shows potential to kill cancer cells

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Recent tests have shown that an inexpensive drug may be able to kill cancer cells in humans. Dichloroacetate, a drug generally used to treat rare metabolic disorders, has shown the potential to assist in the treatment of brain, lung, and breast cancers, researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada say.

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada found that that DCA causes tumor regressions in animals with human cancers. Testing showed that DCA attacked cancer cells but did not attack healthy cells.

The researchers and the Alberta Cancer Board and Capital Health do not advise the use of DCA to treat cancer yet, as clinical trials for the drugs use to treat cancer have not been performed yet.

Unlike healthy cells, cancerous cells do not convert food molecules into energy in the mitochondria. Instead, they rely on a process known as glycolysis, which takes place in the main body of the cell, while the mitochondria are “shut down”, researchers believe possibly due to the lack of oxygen supply to cells in the middle of a tumor.

This means that another key function of the mitochondria – to activate an abnormal cell’s self-destruct mechanism, apoptosis – is also blocked.

When Dichloroacetate (DCA) enters a cancer cell, it restarts the mitochondria which in turn activate apoptosis, and the cancerous cell destroys itself.

DCA is known to be relatively safe, although pain, numbness and gait disturbances may occur. The drug is also expected to be cheaper to manufacture than other drugs since there is no patent for it.

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Nine Good Things About Losing The Love Of Your Life}

Submitted by: Matthew Payne

Separation can be difficult and in times like this, I know I might have wanted someone saying nice things and giving me positive instructions. I have to say most of my articles are written from the perspective of the person being left and might not suit the person leaving. But read on even if you are the person leaving, I wouldn’t waste an hour without writing something worthwhile. This might be a good email to send a friend going through this difficult time. Now let’s get to the nine good things.

The first: At least you had one love.

If you have lost the love of your life at least you have had one! Some people are so ugly or have so many disadvantages that they never marry. Why I know a few wonderful ladies in their thirties that have never been married. If you have had a love of your life well you can be glad about that!

The second : At least you know what making love is.

Sex sex sex. The whole world wants to talk sex sex sex. It’s all about how good you are in bed, how fit and tanned and wealthy you are. And did you know, it’s all about sex. Once it was a forbidden subject at the dinner table, now it’s frequently talked about at the dinner table.

Many people are in relationships that are only sex. They are in lust. If you clicked through to read this, you at once had a love of your life and so you most definitely have made love and that is something great you can remember.

The third: At least you can fall in love.

Some people can never find a person that they can love. And you have already found a person that you have loved. That has to be a good thing. Even better that you should pray for them and romance them and see if you can win them back.

The fourth: You know what it is like to be held close in bed.

Not being dirty but some of the best times I had in bed with my former wife was just holding her close as she lit up a smoke after we had made love. It’s a nice thing to be naked in bed with your wife or husband and to be warm on a cold night. Jesus is a great partner but He does not often come to bed and keep you warm like a partner. Some people have never felt that intimate touch and of holding each other.

The fifth and most important: Losing your partner is like how Jesus feels about losing people to hell.

Jesus was often asked if He was going to marry on earth. He never did as He said that His bride was going to be the people who had their faith in Him, pledge their life to Him and obey Him like they would a husband.

Many single women in Israel would have loved to marry Jesus, not one of them did. But He died on a cross to pay for the sins of the whole world and He still has His arms out beckoning you for an embrace.

Losing the love of your life is just like Him losing your best friend to hell one day if they do not know Jesus personally. If you know the pain of loss of a loved one, you know the tears in Jesus’ eyes when He cried. “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

Are you lost? Have you come to this point in life without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? I want to get serious with you before we get to the last four points.

Why not consider these scriptures in any New Testament of the Bible. Read the scriptures out aloud and write down your answers on a pad! Print out this article and take the time to read the scriptures out aloud to yourself. It’s like you are taking a test here in English and even if you don’t know the Bible you can answer the questions. You can show a Christian friend the answers in the future or send them to me in an email. Okay now get ready. Read aloud and then answer the questions.

Romans 3:23

23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

So what does this verse say to you?

Romans 6:23

23 For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

So what does this verse say to you?

John 3:3

3 In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again

Why did Jesus come to die?

John 14:6

6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

What does this say to you?

Romans 10:9-11

9That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. 11As the Scripture says, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame.”

What does this say to you?

2 Corinthians 5:15

15 And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again.

What does this say to you?

Revelation 3:20

20Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

What does this say to you?

Take the time to print this article off and answer the questions. Are you ready to invite Jesus into your heart? You’ve lost a loved one and you wish they were with you and everything was okay and things could be as good as when you were married. Jesus can heal a broken heart, but first of all He wants to come into your heart. Won’t you invite Him in?

Do you know a born again Christian that prays for you? Of course you do. If you are not a Christian and these scriptures have shown you a need in your life for Jesus why don’t you ring your friend and ask them how to give your life to Jesus? They would be more then happy to pray for you.

If you want to pray now and accept Jesus and invite Him into your life you can pray this prayer from your heart.

“Heavenly Father, I have sinned against you. I want forgiveness for all my sins. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me and rose again. Father, I give you my life to do with as you wish. I want Jesus Christ to come into my life and into my heart. This I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

If you have not got a friend that is praying for you, please write to me at my email address at my web site. Even if you have a friend that you have prayed with please write.

If you are a Christian, a good book where I got those scriptures from is “Share Jesus without fear”, By William Fay. ISBN 080541839-3. William has shared the Gospel message with 25,000 people one to one in coffee shops and airports and all over the place. It is the very best book you can read and put into practice.

The sixth: You know for real now that you are worthy of love.

If you have not had a significant relationship you can never be sure that you are worthy of romantic love. Losing the love of your life means that you had love in your life and you are worthy. If you are worthy once you may be worthy twice hey? I don’t personally believe in second marriages for born again Christians and I share that in the ten scriptures you should consider before divorce part one and two.

The seventh: You have a lot in common with up to fifty percent of adults that have had relationships.

Nearly more marriages fail than those that make a go of it. It gives you so much in common with such a huge segment of the market. Soon enough you can heal and join a dating site on the Internet. (I wonder if you’re laughing or taking me seriously? I have had three marriage proposals from Internet sites, LOL)

The eighth: You have had a person that is close to you tell you honestly all your faults.

Parents so often do not help us iron out all our faults. Some of them they are aware of and they never even mention them. But if you have lost someone that you love you can be sure that they have told you. And if they haven’t, take them out to dinner and ask them if they could take the time to write a list of all your faults and you will shout them dinner in return.

You can be sure that if you do it right with the right, attitude, a dinner with your estranged spouse where you are not going to get defensive but honestly want to take a tape recorder and let them tell you all your faults and why they have left you or they can’t go on with the marriage will be very beneficial to both of you.

The ninth You can learn from your mistakes.

Better to do step eight and get to know your faults and then use your breakdown to work on inner healing to address your faults, than to try and place all the blame on your spouse and not get on and get better.

Okay let me leave you with a prayer.

Dear Father,

Bless this person. Lead them to counselors that can heal their pain and lead them into good and healthy life-giving relationships. Give them the courage to face their former partner and take a tape recorder and listen to the truth and adjust their life. Lord I pray that you heal the broken marriages and you help people seek wise counsel and to always mend a broken marriage with support and counseling rather then toss it away. I pray that you will see this message put on web-sites and emailed to people going through divorce and that many people may pass this message on to every person they know could benefit.

I ask in Jesus’ name,


About the Author: Matthew Robert Payne can be found on any search on Google. He is a committed born again Christian and has a very deep love affair with Jesus Christ. He runs a free personal prophecy website where you can request a free personal message off God at

Visit him today


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