Air Conditioning Is A Luxury

Air Conditioning is a Luxury



Air conditioning is a system that introduces cold air into a hot space to make it more comfortable. Air conditioning typically is used when temperatures are above 70 degrees. It is used in cars, houses, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other indoor facilities. Unlike heat, air conditioning is considered a luxury, and it is possible to go without it. Heat is considered to be a necessity and all homes must have it. When heat warnings exist, however, lack of air conditioning can present a problem for many elderly people who may live in older brick homes. Without air conditioning, these types of homes literally turn into an oven at a certain temperatures and can cause death.


Alternatives to air conditioning are fans, either electric or handheld, or open windows. Air conditioning is used primarily in the summer when temperatures are higher. Therefore electric bills are usually higher in the summer months. Many electric companies offer budget billing, which balances out the high and low bills into a constant monthly payment. Budget billing is based on usage and may gradually increase over time as usage goes up.

There are two types of air conditioners that are primarily used in homes. Window style units are placed in a window. Window air conditioning mainly cools the room that they are placed in. More expensive units may cool off more of the surrounding rooms. Window air conditioners run on electricity. They are placed in windows because the heat in the room is passed outside and swapped with the cold air coming in. Alternatives to window air conditioning units are wall air conditioners, which do not need to be placed in a window. Window units are more common in older homes.

New construction typically has central air conditioning built in. Central air conditioning runs the air throughout the entire house with the actual unit located outside. A thermostat controls the temperatures of the house. Older thermostats need to be changed manually to the desired temperature. Newer thermostats are programmable. Temperature settings can be programmed to change at certain times of the day. This can help lower electric bills by allowing the house to be warmer when the house is empty. Running central air conditioning uses a lot of electricity but it is generally more energy efficient than window air conditioning. Many older homes use either window units or have no air conditioning at all.

Air conditioning is available in most new cars today as well. In extreme heat, air conditioning provides considerable comfort on a long car ride. In cars operating without air conditioning, one can roll the windows down to let wind blow in. Wind, however, is not as comfortable, and can be noisy, especially if driving on the highway. After a period of time, air conditioning may not work as well. Sometimes recharging the Freon gas will help improve performance. Other times, the air conditioning may need more extensive costly repair work. Many times people will choose not to fix the air conditioning in their cars when the cost outweighs the remaining value of the car.

With new technology comes an improvement to air conditioning systems. As time goes on, air conditioners will become more energy efficient.

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Air Conditioning Oxford Know About The Evolution Of An Air Con System

Air Conditioning Oxford Know about the Evolution of an Air Con System


Shane Lohan

An air conditioner was once a luxury purchase but nowadays it has become a necessity. The bloodshot eye of global warming is definitely one of the reasons why many a person is buying an air con. An air conditioning Oxford employee can tell you that every year the ‘sales figure’ of the air con machines is going up. The price of the air conditioner has gone down considerably. Though it is not yet within the affordable limit of all and sundry but the middle class is having no problem in spending on a room cooling machine.

The modern day air con is not the same as it was used to be at the time of its invention. Application of several innovating measures has evolved its look and functions by a considerable margin. History witnesses to the very existence of the cooling mechanism in the ancient time though it was not like the modern day technology that provides a comfy and cool ambiance for us. You can have this knowledge from an air conditioning Oxford brochure. It may provide details regarding the long history of an air con’s evolution.


You may be surprised to know that the Roman empire used a special cooling technique for the sake of comfort in the summer season. The western world was much influenced by the advanced Roman civilization. You can gather information regarding their cooling technology from an air conditioning Oxford guidebook. The Romans used channels for transportation of drinking water. These same channels were fitted within home for the purpose of cooling. If you shift attention from the western world to the easter zone, you can get to learn that the Chinese also developed a unique cooling technique. May be your air conditioning Oxford guidebook has the picture of the rotary fans that was used by the Chinese to beat the heat in the hot and humid summer period. The Persians also invented a unique cooling system. They used to dig out a deep cistern or pool. Evaporation of water is a common scientific phenomenon. When water evaporates, it absorbs latent heat from the surroundings and thereby making the ambiance cooler. An air conditioning Oxford employee who is inquisitive like you, may have enough interesting information to tell you regarding the invention and innovation of the cooling technique.

The modern day air con came into being only in 1820. Michael Faraday, the well known physicist and chemist invented it. The machine followed the evaporation phenomenon but this time the liquid was liquefied ammonia instead of water. Further improvement was done by John Gorrie who used a fan to produce the cooler effect. Well, just flip through the pages of an

air conditioning Oxford

book, you may have pictures of the erstwhile air conditioners. The first air con that was used in the printing plant was made by Mr. Carrier in 1902. At the beginning, every air con used ammonia and propane to drag down the temperature. But later freon was used as the cooling agent. Nowadays all the models of an air conditioning Oxford as well as other companies use Freon as a refrigerant. Such modifications has paved the way for the use of an air con in a car. Remember maintenance of air conditioner is a necessity. So, if you are residing in London, do not forget to hire an

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Finding The Right Air Conditioning Repair Services

Finding the Right Air Conditioning Repair Services


Cedric Loiselle

No matter how well we have taken care and kept up with regular maintenance, the air conditioning units we own will seem to have to be subjected for a minor or major repair at one point or another. This is because just like any other machinery, the parts tend to get worn out with continual use. However, if you have done your part well in properly maintaining your unit, then it is highly likely that you would not be spending much for an air conditioning repair service.


But for the budget-conscious, no amount of money is small enough to be put to waste into futile or unsatisfactory air conditioning repair services. This is the reason why it is very important to be cautious in hiring the people we entrust a costly investment such as an air conditioner to. Clients must be keen on setting the right standards for the air conditioner technicians that they hire. What should we look for in AC repair services? This question will be addressed in the succeeding paragraphs: A good AC repair service should send well-trained and adequately experienced repair personnel. What good is a technician if he can only answer to limited cases of air conditioning damages and issues? A good technician should be able to expertly handle any problem with the unit; otherwise, the client will basically be paying for nothing. Competent AC repair services must also have high availability. During warm seasons or in naturally hotter regions, a sudden breakdown in air conditioning units usually calls for an immediate response as this can be detrimental to productivity in many businesses. If an air conditioning repair company is unable to promptly address the client’s concern, losses in sales are likely to happen. In order for an AC repair to be efficient, the right equipment must be used. Air conditioning units are complex appliances which cannot be fixed with the sole use of bare hands. When you are looking to hire an AC repair company, make sure that you look into the type of equipment that they have. Companies that utilize highly advanced devices will most likely charge extra, so you may want to watch out for that. Good AC repair companies care about the environment. Companies that utilize energy efficient devices and are more conservative in using harmful chemicals should be any client’s top pick. Their technicians should also be able to give pointers as to how to effectively reduce the energy consumption in a particular household or establishment. This way, the amount of harmful gases released in the environment is also lessened. Customer support should be consistent in any AC repair company. They should be able to cater to the post-repair queries or issues raised by their clients, as this is also considered part of the service that they render. While clients would naturally anticipate that their units have been fully restored, there could still be some overlooked glitches that have just cropped up after the repair was done. Repair companies should be able to address such issues promptly.

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Finding the Right Air Conditioning Repair Services

Air Conditioning Experts In Sarasota

Air Conditioning Experts in Sarasota


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A malfunctioning or non-functional air conditioner in Sarasota can be fixed by air conditioning experts that can detect and rectify any air conditioner problems. Quick service comes in very handy on a hot summer day.

Air conditioner maintenance, repair, replacement and installation are generally services provided by air conditioning experts in Sarasota. Thus a broad range of services are provided by professionals in the air conditioning business, and replacement of air conditioners is also possible and is dependent on the situation. Timely and efficient services ensure that you do not have to spend a long amount of time in the Sarasota heat and your air conditioners are always functional. Home service professionals are directly sent to your home and they are well trained to deal with the different aspects of keeping an air conditioner functional. In hot conditions, air conditioners working around the clock can develop faults and this can lead to the need for good air conditioner repair technicians. It is important to find the professionals who are experienced in handling different brands and types of air conditioners, and can accurately identify the problem with your air conditioner.


Some air conditioner repair professionals in Sarasota charge their clients according to the job done and not according to the number of hours spent on the job. This ensures that the payment is considerably less. Also, air conditioner repair technicians in Sarasota are well equipped with all the required parts and their vans are well stocked with all the necessary tools and devices. This ensures that there is no delay in getting your air conditioner fixed since all the necessary parts are generally carried by the technicians and can be fixed immediately to ensure your equipment becomes functional. In case the spare part is not readily available in the van, the air conditioner technicians immediately check for its availability at the warehouse and ensure that the part is made available.

At times a spare part may not be readily available even in the warehouse and in this case the air conditioner repair company immediately places an order with the manufacturer and ensures that the part is delivered as soon as possible and this results in your air conditioner getting fixed in a timely manner. Also these air conditioner repair professionals are local to Sarasota so they can respond quickly to your call. Air conditioner experts in Sarasota usually have a detailed and well defined pricing guide that clearly lists the cost of services.

This ensures that you are fully aware of the services you are charged for and do not get overcharged. Before embarking on repairing your

Sarasota a/c

, have the technician explain in detail the service to be provided in a way that you can understand, so you are clear on what s happening. This is an excellent way to make sure that you are aware of the services that the technician is going to provide and does not leave you with any unexpected charges later.

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