Best Place To Get A Massage In Lexington Ky

Best Place to Get a Massage in Lexington KY



The best place to get a massage in Lexington, KY, is the Corey Proffitt Studios. Here clients can enjoy a wide range of popular rejuvenating body massages. This is the perfect place to pamper your tired body with an appropriate massage therapy.

While a significant number of people visit massage studios to rejuvenate their stressed body, poor health and body pain are often the key reasons for seeking an appointment with an experienced massage therapist. A trained and experienced therapist knows which therapy works best for a particular condition.

Different Massage Styles

There is a wide range of massage styles. Each style is best suited for certain health conditions or ailments.

Swedish Massage

This traditional massage technique involves application of light to moderate pressure on the muscles with the help of a variety of kneading, gliding and tapping strokes. It helps to reduce muscle tension, boosts blood flow and calms the nerve. It is ideal for stress management. It also accelerates recovery of injured tissues.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage therapy is best suited for treating the painful stiff areas of the body. Although the massaging technique is almost similar to that of Swedish massage, the movements are less rhythmic and slower in deep tissue massage. The massage targets the deep tissues below the skin.

Hawaiian Style Massage

Lomi Lomi, the traditional massaging style of Hawaii, helps to relax the stressed muscles. This refreshing body massage involving use of elbows and forearms for massaging the tissues helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and promotes sleep.

Sports Massage

This massaging technique helps in developing muscle systems used in different types of physical activities. It helps to condition muscles before a sporting event. It improves muscle flexibility and reduces risk of muscle strains. It also accelerates healing of injured muscles.

Prenatal Massage

Physical changes that occur during pregnancy increase stress on the muscles and joints, causing body aches. Prenatal massage helps to diminish muscle aches and joint pain. It also helps to reduce swelling in the arms and legs. Emotional stress experienced by women during pregnancy can be alleviated with the help of pregnancy massage.


Reflexology helps to stimulate specific areas of the feet and hands, known as the reflex areas, for treating specific health problems. It aids relaxation, reduces pain, assists in recovery from illnesses and eases pregnancy symptoms.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a variation of the Swedish massage style. In this form of massage, heated stone is used for massaging specific areas of the body.

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What Parents Can Do To Fight Child Obesity?}

What Parents Can Do to Fight Child Obesity?


Nick Mutt

Child obesity is one of the alarming situations in most of the countries in the world. Obesity among children can lead to several health problems. So it is always advisable for parents to take action against child obesity before its too late. You must carefully monitor what your children eat. The aim should be right food, right quantities; junk food to be restricted or chucked out completely.

Fitness trainers say that the number of obese and overweight children coming in for weight reduction programs is on the rise. In this article you will find some useful dietary guidelines to overcome child obesity.

1. Salads are good to replace snacks. Include fruits and vegetables in salad your child love to eat.

2. Fruits and vegetables must be included in diet. Vegetable soups can be served in breakfast.

3. Milk shakes are healthy substitutes for colas. Try not to keep cakes, chocolates and sweets at home.

Encourage your child to take an active part in sports and outdoor games. To lose all the flab accumulated by eating, sleeping and watching TV, your child needs some intensive weight reduction program. If the family members have high BP or diabetes related to obesity, children should be encouraged more so to lose the flab so that those diseases dont bother them. Strict diet of vegetable soup and fruits must be given, and chocolates, soft drinks, etc., to be completely banned.

Lifestyle measures to combat child obesity:

1.Limit time spent in front of the TV

2.Eat healthy food. Try fruit salads and vegetable soups.

3.Baked foods are a better alternative to fried stuff

4.Try sweets cooked in milk rather than oil or ghee

5.Include more pulses and vegetables in your diet

6.Cut out red meat; try seafood

7.Fix regular times for meals

8.Snack on fruits and fruit juices

9.Go outside and play more. Try jogging at least two or three times a week. Cycling is also a good option.

Parents, teachers or fitness experts can only guide the kids but the initiative and motivation should come from kids. What they need is correct guidance and ideal role models. Parents and teachers should play these roles and the results will be excellent, for everybody to see.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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Lose Stress In A Yoga Studio, Visit In Chicago

byAlma Abell

People are all different, but there is one common trait: they want to live in harmony with themselves and their surroundings. The world we live is one where many people are victims of stress, anxiety, insomnia, mental tension, and more. When you visit a yoga studio, you will find how you will sharpen your mental focus and simply improve your life. Although Chicago is a busy city, you owe to yourself to better your mental and physical fitness.

Relieve Stress

Everybody deals with stress differently. Some people enjoy taking their pent-up anger and emotions out in the gym while others are happier to employ various relaxation techniques that are all part of the practice of yoga. Yoga does more than train your body; it trains your mind to see more than just today. Yoga lets you see the “big picture.”


Increase Flexibility

There are many postures in yoga, they are called “asanas,” and include twists that loosen the joints making up the spine. You are going to feel better, and chances are you will find your golf scores go down and your tennis wins go up.

Prevent Injury From Workouts

Muscles that are consistently stretched by yoga will heal and recover much faster should you sustain an injury while engaged in strenuous exercise. Yoga will teach you how to assess your physical ability on any given day.

Push The Envelope

There are many different approaches to yoga. Some are gentle and others are not. If you are interested in “amping up” cardio at the same time as enhancing flexibility, look for a yoga studio that embraces Vinyasa yoga and classes designed to improve students’ mobility and flexibility.

Once you are involved with yoga, you can approach “what is good for you.” If you want an hour to clear your head, yoga is a discipline well worth looking into.

Join a yoga studio in Chicago for mind and body improvement. Visit Studio Three online.

4 Crucial Stages Of Making Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You}

Submitted by: Anthony Malibu

Getting your ex girlfriend to miss you… it seems complicated, right? But in fact, your girlfriend could


be missing you, and just not even showing it. Especially if she’s the one who broke up with you, your ex will be very guarded about what she lets you see, and not see.

If your girlfriend broke off your relationship and you still want her back, making her miss you is job number one. Because until she actually

needs you

in her life again, you really have no shot of reversing your breakup.

There are 4 stages your ex will go through after breaking up with you, and each one brings you a little bit closer to reconciliation. The more you can subtly guide your ex girlfriend along this very lonely path, the easier it will be to get her back.


Stage One – Burying Her Feelings For You

The first thing your ex will do after giving you the breakup speech is start burying any leftover or residual feelings she still has for you. Ignoring feelings is always easier than dealing with them, and it’s especially easy while the breakup is still fresh.

The more you push her at this stage, the further removed from you she’ll be able to emotionally get. Don’t shove your ex away by pressing or trying to change her mind immediately after the breakup… getting her to miss you is more about leaving her alone and allowing her the time to experiencing the breakup in a very solo way.

Stage Two – The Hole Where You Used To Be

After a few days go by, your ex girlfriend will really start to feel the impact of not having you around. She’s probably filled those first few days with activites, keeping herself busy with family and friends. But afterward, those first few lonely nights without seeing or hearing from you will get her thinking about you once again.

Remember, while you dated you were a huge part of your ex’s daily life. In breaking things off, you abruptly disappeared. This left a hole in her life that she’s trying to fill with other stuff. She’ll start missing the things you used to do together, and the places you used to go.

Stage Three – Facing The Breakup Alone

When a week’s worth of time has passed without hearing from you, the realization will dawn upon your girlfriend that she’s really, truly alone. Hopefully you’ve left her alone and haven’t called, emailed, or texted her. By NOT doing those things, your ex has to face the breakup all by herself – without the strength and comfort of knowing you still want her back.

This is where she’ll get uncertain. Your ex will start questioning the breakup during this phase, simply because she hasn’t heard from you. In her mind, you should’ve probably tried to get her back by now. The fact that you haven’t is a very big blow to her ego, and to her resolve to keep the breakup going.

Stage Four – Seeing You Move on With Your Life

The timing of this stage depends on certain factors, but it occurs the first time your ex actually sees or hears about you again. This is where it’s important to be out, active, hanging with friends, doing cool things, and generally having a great time without your ex. Because once your girlfriend gets wind of these things? She’ll miss you ten times as much as before.

Your ex doesn’t want to see you successfully moving on with your life right now. It’s not that she wishes bad things on you, it’s more that she’d rather see you upset and miserable because you can’t be with her anymore. This is what would justify the breakup, and make her feel confident in her decision. But seeing you act as if the breakup hasn’t affected you one bit? That’s going to drive your ex crazy with jealousy, as well as make her miss having and sharing those good times with you.

Getting Back Together With Your Ex Girlfriend

If you can get your ex to miss you, you can certainly get her back. Reconciliation is only a few steps away, once your ex girlfriend has a genuine need for you in her life again.

That said, you need to be careful with how you proceed. Move too fast and you could tip your hand. Move too slowly and you could give the wrong impression: that you no longer want to get back together. Somewhere in the middle is the right approach, and it’s always best to have a step by step plan when you want to get your girlfriend back.

About the Author: There are 6 Individual Steps necessary to

Getting Her Back

, so find out what they are! The faster you get proactive about handling your breakup, the sooner you can get her to miss you again. And for more information on reestablishing contact, check out

Contacting Your Ex Girlfriend



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Fitness And Exercise Certifications

Fitness and Exercise Certifications


The Sider Group

If you want to have a successful career as a personal trainer you need all the right fitness and exercise certifications; otherwise, you re going to get nowhere. People trust personal trainers who are experienced, knowledgeable and professionally certified to give them the right exercise regime they need to achieve their goals and give them the best health and fitness advice possible. The more certifications you have, the more customers you can help and the more trust you can instill in people when they come to you for advice.

With a basic certification you can begin working as a basic personal trainer at a gym, but there is only so far that the basic certification will take you. Many personal trainers already have college degrees in some sort of health and fitness related field as well. Then there are certifications in specific knowledge areas like group fitness, nutritional counseling and Pilates. If you want to teach one of the most popular classes or get clients who are in need of very specific nutrition advice, you will need some of these additional certifications.

Many people want to work with personal trainers who have nutritional certifications because they are trying to lose weight at the same time that they are trying to get their bodies in shape, and they may have problems switching their routines for the sake of a healthier diet. An exercise and nutrition expert can provide a wealth of advice for this type of client. Someone with very specific health needs may need to see a registered dietician, however.


Other clients may be more interested in a personal trainer who has certifications in Pilates and yoga because they are trying to tone their muscles and increase their flexibility while they maintain their overall fitness. A personal trainer with lots of experience in core strength training will have plenty of clients in need of advice.

When it comes down to it, the more fitness and exercise certifications you have the better. If you want to have a successful career in this field and attract as many clients as possible you need to broaden your skills.

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