Buy A Used Car: The Hummer H2

Submitted by: Thomas Champeval

The H2 is vigorous, strong, tough, and arguably original used vehicle. To climb those steep hills in the difficult terrain this would be many guys used vehicle of choice. A used H2 s internal design combines comfort with the smoothness and dexterity in its performance on the road or on the roughest ground.

The used H2 were originally constructed using the same platform as a used Chevy Tahoe known as the GMT820 platform at a factory that was purpose built for the Hummer in Indiana.

The pre-owned H2 market is very buoyant despite increases in fuel costs; the allure of this magical used SUV giant is strong enough to overcome any fuel efficiency worries.

For a huge and intimidating used auto the H2 does offer an incredible smoothness to its ride. The H2 is capable of passing through a shallow lake or river up to 20 inches in depth without a drop of water getting into the vehicle, not exactly your average runaround found at your local used auto dealers.


The huge tires, the 325 horsepower under the hood combine to make a used H2 SUV capable of exceeding almost any barriers put in its way. There are many SUVs that are pretenders to the used Humvee throne but there is nothing that has the mystique of a genuine used Hummer.

The fenders on the H2 are longer than they were on the H1, to provide better body protection. They are also made of a different material to the former used Humvee, which makes the vehicle lighter. The front fender includes a military-style design, that is if you want to drive it towing a trailer, and used H2 versions include two useful hooks, one on the right side and one on the left side.

The engine of a pre-owned H2 is covered with a sheet of aluminum at the bottom of the vehicle with the logo of the H2. This is intended to be resistant to any strong blow from below when going through difficult terrain.

There is certainly something different about wanting buy a used vehicle that has the H2’s unquestionable power and the amazing strength that this machine possesses. The chassis is stronger than ever and there have been slight exterior alterations to make for an easier entry to the vehicle. A used H2 has a towing capacity is 6700 pounds.

The interior of this used auto has space for 5 people and seats available in leather. A Bose audio system combined with GPS. Like the latest used H3, this powerful used vehicle has the option of the Onstar button and is equipped with an engine, which is a Vortec 6000 V-8 with 325 horsepower and a four-speed automatic transmission. This provides 365 lb-ft of torque at 4000RPM, this is not your average used SUV.

The used Hummer is without any contradiction a statement used vehicle, this vehicle says a lot about its owner, its no wonder that own of the very first civilian owners of the massively sought after used vehicle was Arnold Scwarzenegger. The company s whole intention was to appeal to people who liked Arnie and that rough tough Terminator look, the Hummer has widened its appeal since those early days, but even so this now classic used vehicle still has an appeal to a certain type of big used vehicle buyer.

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The World S Top Six Eco Friendly Wedding Hotels

By Julia Levine

The World s Top Six Eco Friendly Wedding Hotels

Cathedral Mountain Lodge – British Columbia

Authentic log cabins, classic western charm, and sustainable dining can all be found right at the edge of the glacier-fed Kicking Horse River in Yoho National Park at the Cathedral Mountain Lodge.

Guests can fill their days taking in the beauty of the mountains from their private decks or explore the scent of fresh pine on foot on any one of the hundreds of hiking trails.

The only not so earth friendly find is the 2 hour drive from Calgary International Airport to get to this tucked away escape.

Arenas Del Mar Beach and Nature Resort – Costa Rica

Across the board Costa Rica is a great pick for eco friendly accommodations. But just outside Manuel Antonio Park, lye’s a resort a resort where luxury meets eco-consciousness.


The Arenas Del Mar Beach and Nature Resort was built quite literally using its surroundings. Water is heated with solar panels, and grey water is used for irrigation. Oh, and did we mention all the food comes from sustainable suppliers and is 100% organic.

Guests will love the guaro mojitos prepared with aguardiente (Costa Rican liquor made with sugarcane) as well as the squirrel monkeys, sloths, and parrots that also call this ideal, environmentally friendly hideaway, home.

Bucuti Beach Resort – Aruba

Green Globe Certified since 2000, the Bucuti Beach Resort is committed to preserving its natural surroundings. Situated on one of the Caribbean’s top ten beaches and boasting 41 romantic rooms make this a great pick for any destination wedding couples who are looking for a place that is relatively easy to travel to yet still packs an impressive punch.

In addition to its European charm and unspoiled setting couples considering June nuptials can partake in an incredible celebration of life and love when the leather-back turtle begins to hatch and make their way to the ocean.

Southern Ocean Lodge – Kangaroo Island, South Australia

A sanctuary of modern comfort, style, and unparalleled service, Southern Ocean Lodge is redefining the Australian standard. Twenty-one deluxe suites all offer breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean coastline.

Signature environmentally sensitive design elements such as sandblasted limestone floors, recycled spotted gum walls and local artworks all enhance the natural theme felt throughout the hotel.

The hotel also boasts celebrated culinary delights sourced from local artisan growers.

Star Island Bahamas Resort – Eleuthera

The Bahamas has always been known for being beautiful but a green conscious destination maybe not so much. That all changed in 2009 with Star Island Resort, a 68 room renewable energy powered luxury resort.

A 10 minute boat ride from Harbour Island the unspoiled beaches, open sky, and luscious landscape are all the elements a go green bride needs for her big day. In addition to its green friendly build practices, Star Island Resort leverages rainwater harvesting, solar and hot water heaters, and photovoltaic roof and wind turbine that serves each building.

Thinking about all that burning fuel being used to zip back and forth between Star and Harbor Island? Don’t fret, a “no fuel” marina is in the works.

Hacienda Tres Rios – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Mangrove forests, fresh water springs, and tranquil white sand beaches create an enchanted setting at the Hacienda Tres Rios, winner of three World Travel Awards.

In addition to its ecco conscious building practices the Tres Rios offers up multiple event locations and green friendly ceremony options including a ceremony held at the edge of a cenote. Oh and did we mention that after you say your “i-do’s” the bridal party can all take canoes and float downstream to a beach-side reception.

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Making A Structural Opening: Fitting Steel Rsj To Open Wall Up

Making A Structural Opening: Fitting Steel RSJ To Open Wall Up


kirk smith

When we consider a structural knock through or opening in a wall, the procedure is not so indifferent to perhaps creating an opening in a wall for a new window or door. But, this does not mean that the materials will be of the same specification as each individual job will possess its own structural requirement.


Is The Wall A Load Bearing Wall? The first thing to be determined is whether or not the structure you plan on altering is load bearing or not. It will be necessary to carry out some elementary checks to know for sure whether it is load bearing or not. Just Exactly What Is A Load Bearing Wall And How Do We Deal With It? If a wall has any other structure above it or load as the case may be then we can consider this wall to be load bearing and as such will need to accommodate any necessary support when removing any part of it. It is quite common in many houses for dividing walls to carry the load of the first floor joists. They will therefore need some sort of support before any alteration can be made. Supporting the load is commonly achieved by the use of steel acrow props which are inserted into the wall alongside timber needles to offer support whilst removing part of the structure How To Tell If A Wall Is Non Load Bearing If the joists run at right angles to the wall then it is almost certainly carrying a load from first floor level and provisions will need to be put in place to support the load. If the joists run parallel to the wall then it is unlikely the wall is carrying any timber joists etc, but may however, still be carrying another load. You can clarify this by making some inspection holes at ceiling level and also going upstairs to see if you can see what runs on top of the wall. For most room opening jobs or knock through’s though, you will be making your opening at a height of around 2.5 metres leaving a about 0.5 metres from the ceiling so in any case, there will still be a load to support The Process Of The Knock Through OK, so we will assume that you now know the load bearing status of the wall so you can now start to prepare the job ahead. You will need to check some basic things first. Are there any heating appliances on the wall that need taken off? Are any electrical sockets in the way? If they are, you will need to get your plumber and electrical contractor to ensure any wiring or plumbing changes are carried out prior to the work being commencing. Structural Calculations Are Vital Prior to any structural modification you must have the load calculated by either a capable builder or preferably a structural engineer. Each job is different and may warrant a different set of rules to accommodate different loads of a structure. Typically on a domestic single leaf knock through with perhaps a 2 metre opening in a load bearing wall, a steel RSJ would be put in place to take the load above. The dimensions of this RSJ will vary and in all cases must adhere to current building control, who in all cases will want to inspect any such structural alteration. If you are in doubt at any stage of the job, you should contact your building officer for help and guidance. Remember, they are there to help you. The Initial Stages Of The Structural Alteration Mark the area out on the wall to reflect the opening you are planning. Additionally, mark out the where the supporting RSJ or lintel will go. The RSJ should lay on a concrete pad stone and have a minimum 6 inch bearing on each side of the wall opening. With a lump hammer and bolster, chop out the plaster from the wall to show the brickwork beneath. Repeat this procedure on both sides. Now make holes in the wall, for every metre, above where you will be positioning the steel RSJ. It is in these holes that you will place your needles which are held up by acrow props. These props will take the weight of the structure until you get the steel RSJ in place. Clean your work area and prepare any necessary platform to make your work easier for when it comes to lifting in the steel RSJ. Fitting the RSJ will need a minimum of two strong men. You will also need to ensure the RSJ has fixing points to fix your plasterboard to afterwards when making good the plasterwork and alteration. The RSJ should be on pad stones with 6 inch minimum bearings either side and bedded on a firm mix or sand and cement at a ratio of 3:1. Once the steel is in bedded you must check for level and plumb and when satisfied build up the brickwork from on top to make a tight fit between existing brickwork and steel RSJ. Use slate to pack in and close any gap. You should leave any supports in place until the next day or when the mortar set hard. After this point it will be safe to take them out. Afterwards, fill in the holes you made for the timber needles with leftover bricks and point up and pack in tight with slates. The process of carrying out any structural modification should only be undertaken by a fully competent and experienced builder. All structural works should have loads professionally calculated before any part of a structure is removed. If In any doubt, contact your local building inspector for help and support.

Kirk Smith from 4K Construction Limited is a professional Liverpool Builder Please also visit for further reading and more about the Cheshire Builders

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Making A Structural Opening: Fitting Steel RSJ To Open Wall Up

Layer Up On The Golf Course With Golf Winter Hats

Submitted by: Ian Pullen

During the winter golf season we often rush out and make sure we have bought the appropriate men s golf clothing, however, golf winter hats are vital to ensure comfort whilst outside on the golf course. Your head is one of the main aspects of your body that can affect your swing and the overall performance on the golf course. In this article, we will look at the features and benefits of golf winter hats.

The Perfect Fit Hat

The fitting of your winter golf hat is important when keeping your head insulated. The Galvin Green Doyle Insula golf hat beanie is tightly fitted with a waffle pattern fabric interior enables the hat to maintain built in air pockets designed to capture air which is warmed up by body heat to reinforce the optimum body temperature. How does this affect your round of golf? In simple terms by keeping your head warm the correct amount blood stays around your head allowing you to concentrate on your posture and positions for your swing and your overall performance.


The Waterproof Hat

We have to admit in winter golf, in fact golf all year round in the UK, we have to prepare for rain. The Mizuno Waterproof bucket hat is ideal, creating shelter from the rain with its wide brim. Made out of the Mizuno ImpermaLite fabric, the hat is lightweight and breathable whilst being able to keep the wearer warm and dry all year round.

The Comfort Hat

Sometimes you need a hat that is soft, warm and comfortable; when playing golf you don t want to keep having to adjust your winter golf hat continuously to make it comfortable it is the equivalent of continuously adjusting your golf clothes such as pull up your golf trousers. Made using a fleece lining the Under Armour Men s Blustery Golf Beanie hat uses an ultra-brushed EVO ColdGear lining which is super soft and warm. This aids you to withstand the cold in comfort allowing you to enjoy the full 18 holes on the golf course.

In winter golf especially, golf waterproofs are needed to stay dry and keeping you enjoying your hobby. Waterproof golf jackets are needed throughout the year to ensure you are not caught out by the British weather. There are combined fleeces and golf waterproof jackets such as the Adidas ClimaWarm 2 layer winter fleece golf jacket. The Adidas ClimaWarm winter fleece golf jacket is both waterproof and windproof to ensure comfort in dryness and warmth as well as having a second fleece layer inside to give added thickness to encourage heat.

ABC Golf specialises in men s golf clothing and other golf equipment providing the biggest golf brands with the highest of quality at a discounted rate. Whether you are looking for golf winter hats or golf clubs, our vast range has something for everyone. To find out what ABC Golf can do for you and your golf clothes needs, please visit



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Tips For Choosing Log Cutting Tools

byAlma Abell

When it comes to choosing log cutting tools bigger is not always better. In fact, choosing the right tool depends a lot on the type of job and the size of the timber or logs you are working with. It also depends a lot on your ability and strength as well.

The good news is that there is a range of log cutting tools in various sizes, weights and options that will make any job much easier. Although trying out the tools is always a good option, you can also use the tips below to narrow down your choices and determine which size, type and style of log cutting tools will be best for you.


Longer Handles Equal More Force

When it comes to chopping types of log cutting tools, particularly an axe, you want a larger head and a longer handle for bigger jobs or for bigger logs. This allows you to have the maximum force when you bring the axe over your head and down in the arcing motion both for felling trees as well as splitting or cutting wood.

Smaller hand axes or hatchets are good for smaller projects, removing small limbs or even removing saplings and brush. These are also a better option in small spaces where a full swing is not possible.

Blade Shape

Adze blades come in a variety of different shapes for different types of projects. The most common blade for these log cutting tools is a flat blade or slightly curved blade with a straight handle. Like the axe the longer the handle the more force you can generate, but with the adze force may not always be as important as this is more for finishing and shaping rather than chopping or cutting.

There is also an adze with a very pronounced curve to the blade. This is often called a gutter adze as it resembles the shape of the gutter on your house, with the half circle curve to the inside or bottom of the blade. These are used to create pronounced rounded edges where the size of the blade will control the actual curve.

If you aren’t sure about the log cutting tools that you need talk to someone with experience in woodworking, log cabin construction or tool manufacturing.

Looking to buy log cutting tools at an affordable price