A Few Tips For Computer Recycling

By Adrianna Notton

For those people who are interested in updating their hardware, there are various options for reprocessing any old equipment. Lately, as people become more concerned with their impact on the environment, computer recycling may seem like a good idea for managing waste. Therefore, suggestions for the safe disposal of any electronic hardware which you have may appeal to you.

If you have laptop or PC equipment that is still in working condition, you may consider donating them to a charitable organization that you wish to assist. You might also find that a refurbishing company will be able to reuse the parts to form complete working systems. These systems may then be donated or sold at a minimal fee to organizations that require them.

Broken equipment might be best suited to reprocessing rather than refurbishing so that it can be disposed of responsibly. Various PC reprocessing companies may offer their services in saving materials that can be reused and carefully removing anything dangerous. Some of these recyclers may charge a fee for their services, especially if the parts are very old or complex.


Choosing a reprocessing or refurbishing company that has been properly accredited may help ensure you that your old PC and laptop parts are being properly disposed of. If you are concerned with the effect of your waste on the environment, you might find it important to choose the best company for the job. Accreditation may also be a reliable way to ensure that other good business practices, such as the good working conditions, are also being followed.

It might be a good idea to contact the refurbishing or reprocessing company that you are interested in to find out whether they accept the equipment that you wish to donate. Sometimes, such organizations will not accept very old or very complicated parts. If the company is going to charge you for its services, then you could also get a quotation at the same time.

It may be important for you to clear your hard drive and other equipment of any personal information before giving it away. The company you contact may offer to clear your personal information for you. However, if you have access to the software required to do this, you may decide that you would rather clear any private information personally.

You may find that there are tax benefits available to you when you donate to charities or other non-profit organizations. These types of companies may offer you a tax receipt for your donation of old electronic equipment. A local professional should be able to help you understand the process and give you advice regarding your donations in your area.

Many people might be considering computer recycling for their old IT equipment. Some options include donating old parts or getting an accredited company to dispose of broken equipment. By contacting companies in advance, removing any personal information from the PC or laptop, and finding out about potential tax benefits, you might find that this is a rewarding and environmentally friendly way to handle old laptop or PC equipment.

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Motorola Motoactv Fitness Tracker Vs Nike+ Fuelband

Submitted by: Darren Walkers

Motorola s new fitness tracker, the Motorola Motoactv Fitness Tracker, is a wee bit of a animal when it comes to abilities. Subsequently, there are a lot of different gadgets and gadget classes that it competes with. In this review I ll be discussing how the Motoactv stacks up against a well-known alternative that is also vying for your hard earned money – the Nike Fuelband.

Design and style

First thing you notice about the Nike Fuelband is simply how light-weight and slender it truly is. It fastens nicely around any wrist plus the screen is incorporated right into the wrist band itself, which makes it incredibly compact and scarcely detectable whenever it s on.

The Motoactv, on the other hand, is kind of the exact opposite. Although it also features a contemporary, slick design, it s a chunky bit of technology to be carrying on your wrist and you will quickly detect the weight. The GPS watch unit is nearly 2 long and 2 wide, with 0.4 depth. The syling is nice however can t contend with the Nike in terms of sizing and weight.

Notch one success for Nike

Score: Nike 1 : Motorola 0



The Motoactv is a veritable jack-of-all-trades. It tracks outdoor activities via GPS, plotting out route maps which you can easily look at on screen. The device features a smart MP3 player built in that learns your best work out tunes, there s a accelerometer for indoors sports activity monitoring and steps / calorie burn counting. The Motorola will additionally sync with Ant compatible equipment such as heart rate sensors and biking sensors.

The Nike provides a internal accelerometer and can track your whole day s activities. It’ll synchronize with your phone and let you know your physical activity level, steps taken and calories expended. There s absolutely no GPS tracking though, it all works off the built-in accelerometer.

The Motoactv takes it on this bout:

Score: Nike 1 : Motorola 1

Mobile connectivity

If you need to connect your fitness tracker to your cellphone, this may possibly be the deciding factor for you, because the Nike Fuelband presently only has an app for iOS devices however the Motoactv only has an app for Android mobile phones. In both cases, the app is amazingly beneficial and massively increases the device s usefulness, so it’s possible that the decision out of these two devices will come simply down to whether you re an iPhone user or more of an Android fan.

No clear victor in this round!

Score: Nike 1 : Motorola 1


The 8GB Motoactv is sold for a RRP of $249.99. The Nike Fuelband however comes in a lot cheaper at $149.99. If you are looking for the extra capabilities sported by the Motoactv, you re clearly going to have to find the money for them.

Nike clinches it this time round.

Score: Nike 2 : Motorola 1


The Motoactv monitors several activities, has built-in maps and can also wirelessly route calls from your phone so you won’t get interrupted during your workouts. It s additionally a excellent option for a workout Music player. The Nike however will monitor your exercise levels and calories, which could be useful for people battling with their health but perhaps much less helpful for someone who is already a sports or physical fitness fan.

Being a exercise lover personally, I m not searching for an simple accessory like the Fuelband, I m just after a tool with far more in depth tracking like the Motorola. So, the Motoactv clinches it this time around in my opinion!

Score: Nike 2 : Motorola 2


So it s a draw! In my opinion the 2 gadgets are really geared towards two different niches, so the decision in fact depends upon who you are and what you might be searching for.

For the more laid-back exerciser, who s trying to find a brand new device to enable them to monitor health and fitness and stay motivated, you can t get it wrong with the Nike thanks to it s usability.

For your more serious exercise and fitness buff, as well as for everyone who s interested in endurance exercising, the better abilities list and capabilities of the Motoactv make it the obvious option.

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