Come to the Dentist in Pueblo Colorado for Smiles that Need a Second Chance, PART 2


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Welcome back to our article series on the various cosmetic treatments offered by the dentist in Pueblo Colorado. In our previous installment, we discussed teeth whitening treatments and the preferred brand of the Pueblo dentist: Tr swhite Supreme from Opalescence. As it was explained, teeth whitening offers a simple, quick and inexpensive solution for patients whose teeth have sustained light staining or discoloration over the years.

The reason the dentist in Pueblo Colorado recommends teeth bleaching rather than laser therapy is because the improvements achieved are gradual and therefore, far more natural. Laser whitening tends to achieve shocking results, says the Pueblo dentist, which your friends and family will immediately notice.

But what if your teeth aren t just slightly stained? What if your teeth have become substantially discolored over the years? Perhaps that five-cups-a-day coffee habit of yours finally got the better of your smile cosmetics! Or maybe you re a heavy smoker. Whatever the cause behind severe discoloration, there is always something the dentist in Pueblo Colorado can do for you! In many cases, the recommendation is porcelain veneers.


Pueblo Dentist on Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers, or dental veneers, are wafer thin shells of ceramic material that have been custom fabricated by the dentist in Pueblo Colorado to fit precisely over the tooth or teeth requiring restoration. They are generally recommended for teeth that have become substantially stained or discolored, either externally and/or internally. Veneers also offer great cosmetic solutions for patients, whose teeth are particularly uneven, jagged, cracked, chipped or have large spaces between them. Porcelain veneers are really a fix-all cosmetic treatment, says the dentist in Pueblo Colorado. They hide the appearance of any flaw and can even or fill out any damaged or imperfect tooth structure.

Dentist in Pueblo Colorado: The Placement Procedure for Dental Veneers

How they work is simple. During your first appointment, the dentist in Pueblo Colorado will take a mold of your teeth, which he or she will then use to fabricate custom-fit veneers. Once your restorations have been prepared, you will be required to return to the dental office to have them placed onto your teeth using a special dental cement, which is hardened using a strong hand-held light. Beforehand though, the dentist in Pueblo Colorado will lightly sand your teeth and remove a thin layer of enamel to (1) make them more adhesive and (2) to provide the space necessary for the veneers.

For this reason, once you have veneers placed, you can t go back, says the dentist in Pueblo Colorado. Although this is hardly necessary because they can last five to ten years before they require replacement.

A Final Note from the Dentist in Pueblo Colorado

So you see, no matter what your smile flaw is whether it s stained teeth or an internally discolored tooth; a cracked incisor or a large space between your two front teeth – Pueblo dentists offer cosmetic treatments that can restore smile beauty, symmetry and whiteness. And remember, your smile is your most important physical attribute, so never underestimate the effect a restored smile has on your self-esteem and social confidence!

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