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If you have read my article about “How to Save Your Brain”, I don’t have to

tell you again about the devastating effects this disease called “Alzheimer’s

dementia” has on a person’s life.

Dementia takes away meaningful life and leaves us trapped in our own bodies.

Besides the fact that you are not be able to recognize family and friends,

ut also are not be able to perform the simplest tasks.

Today, more than two million Americans are affected by Alzheimer’s disease

and is the most important reason why people move to a nursing home.

According to research, nearly 50% of the population will suffer from this disease

y the age of eighty. There are even people who are developing Alzheimer’s

in their fifties.

Losing our ability to think is most devastating. Anyone dealing with Alzheimer’s

within his or her own family understands this tragedy.

It does not make much sense to reach the ripe old age of 89 when you have

not be able to recognize your family for years.

For this reason it is of paramount importance to protect the health of your brain.

Medical research has proven without any doubt that Alzheimer’s disease,

Parkinson’s disease and other neuro degenerative disease are the result of free

adical damage and oxidative stress.

The reasons why the brain and nerves are vulnerable to oxidative stress

and damage are:


1. Depending on its size, a significant number of free radicals are

created, caused by an increased rate of oxidative activity.

2. The levels of antioxidants within our brain and nerve tissue

are relativily low.

3. Oxidative stress can easely cause damage to our central

nervous system and once it is damaged, it may be a lifelong


A recent report by research at Case Western Reserve University concluded

that an increase of oxidative stress with age may account for all aspects of

Alzheimer’s dementia. There is strong evidence that patients with Alzheimer’s

have significantly depleted levels of antioxidants in their brain and high levels

of oxidative stress.

There is strong interest in an attempt to prevent this oxidative damage by

giving the patients various antioxidants.

A study reported by the New England Journal of Medicine in April 1997

showed that the progression of Alzheimer’s could be significantly slowed

down by supplementing high doses of vitamin E.

Patients were be able to stay two to three years longer at home.

Other trials, where Alzheimer’s patients used various antioxidants

like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, zinc, selenium and rutin have been


A Cache County Study revealed that supplementation with a combination

of vitamin C and vitamin E reduced the prevalence of Alzheimer’s dementia.

It is obvious that, considering this kind of effect on patients with moderately

severe Alzheimer’s dementia, what would be the effect on people who are

just dianosed with this disease?

Would it be possible to decrease the risk of getting Alzheimer’s alltogethe

y taking optimum levels of antioxidant supplements?

Grape seed extract is ideal for preventing Alzheimer’s as it crosses easely

the blood-brain barrier and is able to get into the fluid around the brain

and the brain itself. It’s a very potent antioxidant, 50 times more than

vitamin E and 20 times more than vitamin C

Once in the brain, the proanthocyamidins in the grape seed, trap and

neutralize damaging hydroxyl free radicals that can oxidize DNA and

essential brain lipids, disturbing normal brain function.

Studies have shown that Phosphatidylserine can stimulat the release

of acetylcholine and improve the cognition of patients with dementia.

It has also been shown to improve mood, memory and cognition and

has proven to be more effective wen used with Ginko biloba

( which increase blood supply to the brain) and omega-3 fatty acids,

which not only improve mood and combat depression, but also improve

cogniton. It significantly decrease inflammation, which is the enemy of

normal brain function.

CoQ10 has been shown to improve or at least slowed down the

progression of Alzheimer’s disease with high dose supplementation.

CoQ10 is not only a strong antioxidant, but also produce energy within

within the cell and has to be supplemented with 400 to 600 mg in gel form

,as it is more difficult to get through the brain barrier and into the brain.

Avoid any exposure to heavy metals like aluminun, mercury, cadmium etc.

as they leave deposits in our central nervous system.

They are also known to increase free radical production and cause tissue

damage via oxidative stress.

Also avoid antipresperants that contain aluminum. Anything you put on

your skin will be absorbed into the body. Avoid the use of mercury

amalgams for your dentures.

Taking an agressive nutritional supplement program, along with a healthy

diet and a modest exercise program is the best way to prevent Alzheimer’s


It is always easier to protect your health than it is to regain it once you

have lost it In particular with any case of dementia.

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