Submitted by: Caroline N. Moon

There is no other better way to wake up in the morning than to hear the sound of songbirds in the garden. Wherever you live, you will be surprised at the variety and number of birds you can attract by giving them the basic necessities- water, food, and tall trees for shelter and nesting place. This is one of the benefits that tall tress can provide you in your garden. Another one is the shade, with those large trees; you can relax in your garden without too much sunlight. Some people complain that nothing will grow in the shade of the trees in your backyard. The key in working with large existing trees is not to take its shade as a liability, but an asset. Lawn grass needs full sun and struggles to grow under trees, so put colorful plants that flourish while under the shade. This is what we call flower border.

Flower Border features shade-loving perennial and ferns, fits under existing trees and blooms from spring to fall. The charming flower border full of perennials grows through a low evergreen grand cover, which keep the garden beautiful even in winter, when the perennials are dormant. If trees have very dense canopy, some of the branches can be selectively removed to thin and trim trees and create filtered shade underneath. Tall trees can cover your garden that can give you privacy from the outside. It can also lessen the noise coming from the outside. Your garden with tall trees and plants can refresh your air in your outdoor area so it can be a best place to relax.


Feel free to add amenities whatever you like in your landscape. You can put a canopy, gazebo, trellis, bench, tables, sheds, playhouse, garden path or paving stones. The amenities depend on your hobby or family members. If you have children it would be better to put playhouse, sandbox, swing and other play structures. It would be safe for your children to play inside the garden than play at the streets outside because it is a perfect and secured place for running and leaping with the help of some grass. You can add a canopy, gazebo, table or bench where family members can bond or eat outside together. Other amenities such as mini fountain, pond or birdbath offer more beauty and they are functional at the same time as they attract more birds to come.

Your landscape can be very functional depending on the essential elements that you will add. It can be a perfect setting for an outdoor party where you can celebrate special occasions. It can be a perfect place to unwind and rest or a relaxing place where family and visitors can socialize. Just be creative and combine all this elements in your garden. It can provide you a clean air and at the same time, you are being environmentally friendly. Your garden can serve as a haven and the right place to remove your stress from the noisy and polluted place environment outside.

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