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This article is all about reading body language. We have gather some helpful hints and tips about reading body language, so read this reading body language article as much as you want. If this article does not have all the reading body language information you need, then feel free to browse our other reading body language articles until you find exactly what you need.

Dedicate all of your attention to the person you are speaking with. Do not constantly look around as if you are uncomfortable or not interested. Reading Hand Signals: People have been granted with two hands: the left and the right hand. The left has been dubbed as the “emotional hand since an imaginary line can be drawn from the third finger leading directly to the heart. This is why the wedding ring is placed on this finger. The right hand, literally on the other hand. has been named the “proper hand since it is with this hand that people communicate a blocking or stopping signal. Open Hands: Open hands may be demonstrated by showing the palm of ones hand, especially in a conversation or an argument.. This expresses a trust in other and an interest in their opinions. It also offers an opinion and invites the sharing of the other persons view. Covered Hands: This is expressed by raising the back of one or both hands against others. This indicates the setting up of barriers or the keeping of distance. It is an act of concealing feelings and covering insecurity. Clinging Hands: Those who cling to objects, such as handbags. files or tables. show a need for support. This action conveys confusion or insecurity. It expresses fear and difficulty in coping with the current situation. Twisted Hands ( crossing both hands then clasping the palms together) : Expression of a complex personality. It may indicate a difficult emotional life. The way the palms are held together conveys a need to hide something. Body language works both ways, of course. So learn to read the signals prospects and clients are sending during interviews. Heres rundown of common types of body language and nonverbal communication, and what they can mean. I say can mean because there are not always hidden meanings behind every gesture. If a client rubs her forehead while you’re speaking, for example, she may just have an itch. Crossed arms: There are a lot of different explanations of the meaning of crossed arms. When someone has crossed arms and he is shaking his head it means that he does not agree with you. But he can also cross his arms when he is frightened, then his arms give him some protection. Another option is that he is feeling cold and he is trying to hold his body-warmth with him. When someone is sitting in a chair with his arms crossed, it indicates that the person is relaxed. Create your own personal space. Make sure you let others know you have your own personal space and do not let them walk all over you. Note: you never want to invade someone elses personal space. Well these are just a some reading body language tips that you can try to use. These reading body language tips have been gathered from some of the best reading body language sources on the internet today and from some of the best authorities on the subject. reading body language -learn how to read body language

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